Are You A Candidate?
  • You must be older than 18
  • You must not be pregnant
  • If you are older than 40, you will probably still require reading glasses within a few years after LASIK is performed, due to the normal process of aging of the eye
  • Your eye prescription (glasses or contact lenses) should not have changed substantially in the last year
  • If you wear soft or disposable contact lenses, you should stop wearing them at least 10 days before the procedure is performed, and 21 days for gas permeable or hard contact lenses. This is because all contact lenses alter the corneal surface, and we need to measure the eye in its natural condition so that the surgical correction is correct!
  • Your Corneas should be healthy (No serious injuries or anomalies)
  • Your corrective prescription must be within the following ranges
    • Nearsightedness (Myopia) 0.50 to 17.00
    • Farsightedness (Hyperopia) 0.50 to 6.00
    • Astigmatism 0.50 to 6.50
  • If you suffer from diabetes, the diabetes should be under control
  • If you are taking any medication, suffer certain medical conditions, or suffer from any chronic disease, you should consult with your physician for further recommendations regarding the use of LASIK
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