Is there any pain?
There is some "discomfort" during the surgery, primarily with the placement of the suction ring before the use of the laser, and some minor discomfort for some hours after completion of the surgery. We provide a tranquilizer before surgery, and eyedrops for any pain you may feel afterwards.

How long does it take?
The entire procedure for each eye takes about 10 minutes, with only 30-60 seconds of this for use of the laser.

What if I move during the surgery?
The laser we use very accurately tracks your eye and shuts down in the event of any major movement on your part.

Can both eyes be LASIK-corrected at the same time?
This is routine. When LASIK was first used, it was standard procedure to just correc one eye at a time, but here the procedure has been tried and perfected. Extremely accurate eye measurements are corrected and compared prior to surgery, and these measurements are used to calibrate the laser. The work done on one eye is independent of work done on the other.

Will I experience any side effects?
The greater the amount of corneal correction, the greater the possibility of post-operative side-effects, though these tend to disappear during the healing process. The healing process may extend up to 3 months. The majority of complaints have to do with night vision: reduced light sensitivity, and halos or starbursts around high-intensity light sources. LASIK is NOT perfect, your best results are achieved bby making use of an expert practioneer using the best equipment and facilities. For reference, please visit , a website dedicated to providing information about the possible risks and complications of LASIK and other eye surgeries.