History of LASIK

Dr. Jose Barraquer, M.D.

The father of LASIK is considered to be Dr. Jose Barraquer, M.D., who developed (with Dr. Cesar Carriazo), in Bogota, Colombia, the technique of opening a flap on the outer protective layer of the eye with a microkeratome and reshaping the cornea . As early as 1949, Dr. Barraquer was using manual methods for cutting and reshaping the eye tissue, which resulted in improved vision for many of his patients.

In 1986 Dr. Luis Ruiz in Bogota, Columbia, performed the first in situ Keratomileusis using the manual microkeratome.

This procedure was further improved in 1989, when combined with the use of the excimer laser, performed first by Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris of Greece.