Mark (from Chicago)
"I had absolutely no idea of the calibre of eye surgery being performed here in Colombia. As someone who had dealt with the constraints of poor vision (and corrective lenses) since the age of 4, needless to say I had considered LASIK for years, but been restrained from carrying through either by excessive pricing or uncertainties about the procedure.

I have a friend who has been here in Bogota for several years and, as chance would have it, we happened to launch into a conversation about LASIK. Her work here had brought her into contact with Bogota's medical community, and she had received high recommendations regarding LASIK practice here and, specifically, about the work of the IAO and Dr. Astudillo.

I came to Bogota in May, 2001, and had the procedure performed. I am so happy with the results (and with the professionalism, attitude and warmth of the team who achieved the results) that I volunteered my services in the creation of this website so that more people can share in the success that I have experienced! "